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A typical international move will have the following stages;

Step 1 - Pre-Move Survey & Quotation

Our removal consultant will visit your home to assess the volume of goods, determine mode of transport and discuss any special requirements with you. On completion of the visit we will arrange to prepare a quotation for your move and have this made available to you within 48 hours for approval.

Step 2 - Export Packing & Handling

This is a very critical aspect of an international move. The quality of wrapping and packing material determines the safety of the goods. We choose our packing crews and the quality of our materials with infinite care. All our export-packing crews worldwide undertake an intensive packing and handling training programme to ensure we maintain our excellent quality in packing and handling. All export packing takes place in your home prior to the moving day.

Step 3 - Shipping & Storage

After wrapping, packing and crating, we ship the goods by air, road, sea or a combination of these transport modes. All regional destinations are serviced by 20ft or 40ft containerized trucks. We also offer sort and long-term storage facilities.

Step 4 - Delivery & Unpacking

On arrival of your consignment our agents will make contact with you to arrange and perform that very important final stage of your move. They will arrange a convenient delivery date and time with you in advance. On the day of delivery they will unload, unpack and set up all your furniture into all relevant rooms and remove all used packing materials and debris.