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There’s a lot of different ways to make sure the goods you love are safe and sound in our storage facilities. Starting with Private Storage, no matter what the size of your room will be, no one will have an access to your unit without your authorization. Smooth Movers offers a variety of room sizes: 10"X10", 5"X6", 5"X5", 5"X4" and 4"X4", which will determine the cost of your storage. Your package will include:

»  A choice from a wide variety of unit sizes that is based on your inventory
»  A fixed price that will not change with unpredictable additional costs
»  Professional moving services
»  Your own key to the unit and an option to keep it on site with the manager
»  Easy access to your possessions within 24 hours notice
»  Climate-controlled clean rooms
»  Shelving options that allow for better organization
»  Free 30-day storage if you are in transition

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