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Moving can be stressful, which is why you need a professional and experienced residential moving company. We are a residential moving company that takes the hassle out of your moving process. We understand that it doesn't have to be a long distance move to be stressful. Moving next door, to another town or moving overseas, moves require time, effort and money. We have affordable residential moving services that allow for an experienced moving company to manage your move, yet allow you to remain within your budget. Our residential moving services are designed to keep you in control of your move, even while we're managing it.

Our local residential moving services range from the simple to the more inclusive, depending on your specific situation. We are a local moving company who can customize your move to reflect the services you desire. We provide a personal relocation consultant who effectively plans and manages your move from beginning to end.

We promise ‘A Customized Moving Experience’. The degree to which you want us involved is completely up to you. We can simply inventory your packed items, load them onto the moving truck and unload your belongings at your destination. We also have special moving boxes. Using your room-by-room floor plan, our staff will place your moving boxes and furniture where you want it. If you want us to take complete control of your move, we specialize in that. We offer cost-effective moving services such as wrapping, packing, unpacking, disassembling and reassembling. Whatever level of involvement you desire from Smooth Movers is what you will receive.


International moving services from Smooth Movers are designed for the busy company employee moving abroad. We provide a smooth, efficient and cost effective move, allowing the employee to resume work quickly and have their mind on the job, not on the move.

We offer a global service, regardless of where the move is originating from and have a network of experienced agents in over 130 countries that have been specifically chosen to provide a high standard service that we require to suit your needs and perform these duties on our behalf.

Key benefits for the company:

  1. Move Manager - One point of contact, providing your employee with a personalized service worldwide. The Move Manger will guide the employee and advise on literally all details, requirements and documentation needed before, during and after the move. He will advise on the volume/weight of goods, best mode of transport, any restrictions in the destination country, customs requirements etc. He will track and update the employee and the company on the whereabouts of the goods until final delivery.
  2. Approved Agents Worldwide - Assurance that your employee receives the best possible destination service available in the moving/relocation business.
  3. Flexibility - We offer a ‘customized moving experience’, and adapt our services according to your company’s requirements and the employees needs.



  1. We provide full destination services for incoming moves and this includes; customs clearance, delivery to the destination address, unpacking setting up and removal of debris on the day of delivery.
  2. We also provide full relocation services for incoming shipments. This includes packing, wrapping, crating, customs clearance, air or sea freighting, delivery to residence, unpacking, setting up and removal of debris, for returning residents, returning diplomats and new residents.


We provide full customs clearance services. We provide professional advice and assistance in the preparation of documents and customs clearing of both exports and imports at all border customs points and also at international Airports.


For efficient corporate relocation services that won't halt your business's productivity, trust in Smooth Movers. We are your corporate moving company that can relocate your business while maintaining your flow of commerce. Our corporate relocation services are designed with your company's functionality and productivity in mind. We understand your need to have a smooth, seamless transition for your employees from one location to the next.


Our professional packing services includes wrapping, packing and crating of household and personal effects, office furniture and new furniture for local removals, exports and imports. These materials are meant to cushion and prevent the goods from damage. Different types of wrapping and packing materials are used:


  1. Bubble wrap - for sensitive electronic and electrical appliances, artifacts, ornaments etc
  2. Corrugated paper - for furniture, and other sensitive house hold goods
  3. Wrapping paper/news print - for breakable kitchen ware, china ware and glasses before they are packed in carton boxes. We also wrap, picture frames, ornaments etc
  4. Polythene - for mattresses and other flexible items. We also in some cases wrap carton boxes depending on destination and mode of transport.
  5. Cartons for packing. There are different types;

i. Standard cartons - used for packing kitchenware, crockery, toys, ornaments and other small items.
ii. Linen cartons - used for packing clothes, curtains and blankets.
iii. Book cartons - for packing books, tapes, CDs and DVDs.
iv. Wardrobe cartons - used to pack suits and other clothes on hangers.

  1. Wooden Crates - Our professional packers have over ten years experience in crating and as such we crate all sizes of shipments, large and small, regular and irregular shapes. We crate domestic and commercial shipments, from home gyms, artifacts & antiques, large picture frames, pianos, to big commercial cargo

The following will benefit from CRATING SERVICES:


i. Courier companies that need their large and sensitive parcels to be crated
ii. Manufacturing companies
iii. Electronic firms
iv. Fine art collectors, museums, galleries and dealers.
v. Convention & Trade-Show exhibitors and consumers
vi. Overseas developers
vii. Freight companies, who know all roads and handlers, are not created equal!



Smooth Movers & Freight is primed to offer freight services and a wide range of other logistical services. With a team that has extensive experience in providing logistic solutions, we are able to handle airfreight, road freight, rail and ocean freight and any combinations. We handle shipments of all sizes and weight, full container loads as well as consolidations.

a. Domestic & Regional Road Freight

At Smooth Movers, we strive to provide the best domestic and regional road freight solutions possible. We understand the road network and customs regulations. With our own fleet of trucks and our contracting fleet, we're prepared to meet all equipment requests-Truckload, Specialized Equipment, Over-sized (abnormal loads) and Permit Loads-using appropriate trucks;


  1. Containerized Trucks for the more sensitive goods like furniture
  2. Open Trucks for bulky commercial goods covered with tarpaulin
  3. Refrigerated trucks for the temperature-sensitive fresh products
  4. Flat Beds for break bulk,
  5. Step Decks, and Double Drop & Stretch low bed trailers for special loads etc.

With only the most dedicated operations and customer service representatives, you can trust your shipments to be under watchful eyes from pickup to final delivery.

b. Airfreight

We offer air freight forwarding services within the Southern Region, the whole of Africa and across the globe. Our staff will make sure that your shipments move where you want them to go and arrive when you need them to be there. Door-to-door capabilities are extended to our clients through our international agent network. Operating on all major continents, we have a network of Agents to ensure smooth clearance and delivery to the final destination.

Contact us now to get competitive air freight rates for your shipment;


  1. Door to door air freight forwarding services delivery
  2. Express/Courier services
  3. Regular inbound consolidation from Asia, Europe, America, and Far East.

c. Ocean Freight
Smooth Movers handles ocean containers at every major seaport worldwide. Whether you have a full container load or less than a container load (LCL), we are here to assist you with our consistent dedication to exceptional customer service. With our network of removal and logistics companies worldwide, and customs & clearing Agents at all seaports, we are positioned to handle all container loads by sea, both inbound and outbound.

d. Rail Freight

We are positioned to handle limited rail freight shipments on the limited rail network in the southern region. So if yours is bulky shipments that have to be transported by rail, we are there for you. We are well networked to handle rail shipments from Beira Port into Zimbabwe, Zambia and through to Tanzania. We can also pick up bulky shipments by rail from Dar-es-Salaam Port into Zambia, Zimbabwe and through to Mozambique.


We provide secure short to long term storage facilities for household goods and personal effects, new furniture, motor vehicles and commercial cargo. We store household goods and personal effects for individuals, companies and diplomats who may not want to relocate with their household goods and personal effects for the period they want.

Our warehouse is guarded twenty four hours a day. The premises have adequate fire fighting equipment. Fumigation of the warehouse is done regularly to prevent pest infestations.


We are primly positioned to offer distribution services to local as well as international companies. We pick up goods from client’s manufacturing point/point of entry, into our warehouse for onward distribution to any district/town across the country. We also offer distribution services to major towns/cities in the Southern Africa region. We understand the road network and so you can entrust us with the distribution of your valued goods.


We understand the value that our clients place on their goods, especially those that have been acquired over a period of time. In case of the unforeseen happening, we offer insurance for shipments that are being handled by ourselves at the following premiums:

  1. TRANSIT INSURANCE - 2% of the replacement value of the shipment for local moves and 3% of the replacement value for export and import moves.
  2. STORAGE INSURANCE - 1.5% of the replacement value

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