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Pre-Move Checklist

6 - 8 Weeks before moving:  

  • Keep receipts on your new household items, as these can be tax deductible.
  • If moving with children begin exploring school options and requirements at your new home.
  • Check all passports are valid and arrange all consular procedures.

 5 Weeks before moving: 

  • Check on vaccination requirements and arrange for if necessary. Sometimes vaccines must be done four weeks before departure.
  • Arrange for mail to be redirected.
  • Can your drivers license be used at your new residence? If not, make arrangements.

4 Weeks before moving: 

  • Obtain your family's medical and dental records and notify the medical authorities that you are leaving the country.
  • Arrange transfer of school records.
  • Begin consuming or disposing of frozen foods as these cannot be shipped.
  • Check home owners’ insurance policy to see if moving is covered. -Determine value of inventory for insurance purposes. -
  • Notify your children's school and arrange for school records to be forwarded to the new school.
  • Obtain all necessary visas, work permits and residency permits.
  • Make arrangements to open bank and credit card accounts at destination and request bank and credit references for use overseas.
  • Transfer or cancel any publications, organizations, clubs and associations you are a member of.    

3 Weeks before moving: 

  • Decide which items are to be moved or donated to charity.
  • Consume all flammables and aerosols before you move as these cannot be shipped.
  • Notify magazines to which you subscribe about your new address. -Be certain the new residence is ready.

2 Weeks before moving: 

  • Advise everyone of your change of address (post office, insurance companies, credit card companies, DHSS, bank, relatives, friends etc).
  • Discontinue utilities and delivery service on the specified date i.e. Milk Man, papers etc.
  • Cancel all membership agreements i.e. sports club, video library etc.
  • Draw up a floor plan of your new home and indicate placement of furnishings.

1 Week before moving: 

  • Gather important medicines and papers i.e. passports, visas and permits etc, for personal transport to new residence.
  • Clean outdoor items (e.g. garden tools, out door furniture).
  • Make arrangements with your neighbours to allow enough parking for our vehicles on the day of the move.
  • Ensure that you have labelled everything clearly, i.e. sea/air/do not pack/storage etc., for our packers.
  • Start packing your own suitcases for personal transport.  
  • Return any borrowed items i.e. books, videos, DVDs etc.

2 Days before Moving: 

  • Make sure you have allocated a parking space for our vehicle on moving day.
  • Defrost your freezer, disconnect washing machine etc and drain all hoses.
  • Keep aside any documentation you will require for your travel, so they are not accidentally packed.
  • Prepare your luggage for your trip to your new residence.

Moving Day: 

  • Let our packers know what items you will require immediately at your new residence, so they are loaded last into the container.
  • Keep aside any documentation you will require for your travel i.e. passports, visas, work permits etc, so they are not accidentally packed.
  • Leave new contact details to the new occupants of your home.  
  • Remember to keep aside your own suitcases for personal transport.
  • It is also advisable you personally take with you all original versions of essential documents, i.e. birth certificates, educational certificates and awards etc.
  • Before the Smooth Movers truck departs have one last look around to see that nothings been left behind.